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The Lamoka Waneta Lakes’ Association was founded in 1938 and incorporated in 1965. The purpose of the Association as set forth in the by-laws are:

  • To diligently work toward the environmental protection, enhancement and enrichment of the Lamoka and Waneta Lakes’ ecosystem.
  • To work toward developing environmentally beneficial land uses and land controls in the Lamoka and Waneta Watershed region.
  • To promote, encourage, and enhance the quality and variety of recreational opportunities in the Lamoka and Waneta Lakes region.
  • To contribute to the economic viability of the region through greater recreational opportunities.
  • To advocate for support from public and private bodies for assistance in the advancement of the above stated goals and other goals.
  • To foster cooperation among various entities, including towns, counties, and residents & property owners, in order to advance the above 
    stated goals. 

There are four Officers; President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer who are elected yearly. The Board of Directors consists of 30 persons who serve two year terms. Board of Directors meetings are held on the third Saturday during the months of April through October.

The Association is a member of the New York State Federation of Lakes Association (NYSFOLA).

There are approximately 1000 property owners with about 400 on Lamoka Lake and 600 on Waneta Lake. Waneta Lake is further subdivided into two counties (Steuben & Schuyler): 300 of the total are in Steuben County, 200 of which are in the Sylvan Beach area of Waneta Lake. The majority of the Sylvan Beach owners have a "right-of-way" to, rather than ownership of lakefront property. Sylvan Beach also has an association.

Membership in the Association is usually about 500 families. Dues are $20 per family with the calendar year beginning January 1st. 

In addition to working on the Lake Management Plan, the Association is involved in other activities. Sponsorship of Flare Night on Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends, working with NYSE&G on monitoring lake level, at times assisting in obtaining water samples and doing water quality tests, bringing in speakers on environmental topics, membership on the County Water Quality Committees, monitoring developments in weed control techniques.

The Lamoka/Waneta Lakes Protection and Rehabilitation District is actually two districts, one for Schuyler County and one for Steuben County and as such, they are a part of each County's government. An Intermunicipal agreement between the two counties established a Commission in 2002 to oversee and administer the District programs. These districts are taxing entities and generate approximately $100,000 annually to support their water quality programs. The nine member commission has six representatives from Schuyler County and three from Steuben County as follows:

Schuyler County

  • 1 County Legislator (currently Dennis Fagan)
  • 1 Town of Tyrone Representative (Cartha Conklin)
  • 1 Town of Orange Representative (Jeff Sutton)
  • 1 Lamoka Lake Property Owner (Gordon Shafer)
  • 1 Waneta Lake Property Owner (Kevin Morris)
  • 1 Ex-officio Schuyler Co. Soil & Water Conservation District

Steuben County

  • 1 Town of Wayne Representative (Dennis Carlson)
  • 1 Waneta Lake Property Owner (Nancy Gabel)
  • 1 Ex-officio Steuben Co. S&WCD

In addition, the commission coordinates directly with the President of the LWLA and sometimes we have joint meetings with their board.

The LWLA is a 501(c) (3) organization which means we are a non-profit tax exempt organization under IRS rules. This designation defines us by the fact that we provide a service to the public and we are mission-driven as opposed to profit-driven. Gifts and donations made to the LWLA are used to preserve and protect Lamoka-Waneta Lakes.

Lamoka Waneta Lakes' Association
PO Box 55, Tyrone, NY 14887
The LWLA is a 501(c) (3) organization which means we are a non-profit tax exempt organization under IRS rules.
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