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Show Your Support!

Membership dues of $20 supports our beautiful lakes that provide us with extraordinary beauty and a special closeness to nature. Vigilance in maintaining its delicate balance is the responsibility of everyone who enjoys activities on our lakes. Being a member of the Lamoka Waneta Lakes Association supports the voluntary effort by representatives from both lakes who through various activities oversees the health of the lakes. Questions?

  • Through a partnership with the Department of Environmental Conservation, Schuyler and Steuben Counties various water quality management agencies, the towns of Bradford, Tyrone and Wayne, and the New York State Federation of Lake Associations the LWLA gathers information and shares it with the over 1,000 property owners around the lakes.
  • Monthly water testing monitors various components of the lakes and that information is shared with the NYS Department of Health, the DEC and the New York State Federation of Lakes Associations to create a map of what’s happening in the lakes throughout the state.
  • Careful monitoring of the lake level helps in maintaining a healthy water level that is subject to rapid change due to cloud bursts, major downpours or in extremely hot weather, preserving precious water for recreational use.
  • The LWLA monitors invasive species outbreaks and chemically treats the lake on a yearly basis working in partnership with the Lakes District Commission to keep harmful weeds from overtaking our lakes.
  • Fish studies are done on a regular basis to monitor the health of the wildlife living in the waters.
  • Controlled hunting of geese is used to maintain a healthy balance in the lakes environment.
  • The LWLA promotes and supports various activities throughout the summer season to create opportunities for property owners to gather together. Those activities may include: two public meetings for the dissemination and gathering of information, promoting flare nights, organizing the July 4th boat parade, sponsoring the annual golf tournament and pancake breakfast and creating common times for the annual rummage sales around the lakes.
  • Promotion of wearing apparel to create a sense of pride and caring for our lakes.
  • Open meetings seven times yearly where you can voice your concerns and support.
  • Yearly newsletter.
  • Lake Directory/Car magnets.
  • Your paid membership and donations are tax-deductible.

Show Your Pride!

Logo clothing is available at our Pancake Breakfast or by contacting Chuck Rybak at 607.426.1959. Look for both embroidered and silk screened product. Sizes and colors vary.

  • Silk Screened T-shirt $12 **New Design**
  • Embroidered T-shirts $9
  • Sweatshirts $26
  • New Silk Screened T-shirt Designs
    Embroidered Design
    Golf Shirts $26  
  • Hoodies $32
  • Windbreakers $30
  • Fleece Vests $31
  • Denim Shirts $30
  • Full-zip Fleece $33
  • Aprons $17
  • Kids T-shirts $9
  • Hats $13
  • Visors $11
  • License Plate Holders
  • Directory $10
  • Electronic Flares $13.00
  • Car LWLA magnets $3.00

Lamoka Waneta Lakes' Association
PO Box 55, Tyrone, NY 14887
The LWLA is a 501(c) (3) organization which means we are a non-profit tax exempt organization under IRS rules.
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